National Escrow was formed in response to the ever present need to minimize risk on construction projects. One might ask “What is the largest risk on a construction project?” Surprisingly, it is not the ability of a contractor to construct and deliver a completed project, the number one risk is non-payment. How can one be sure that construction funds will filter down and be used as intended for all job related expenses?

The ultimate goal of National Escrow is to work with Contractors to keep cash flowing and help to deliver a claim free/lien free project to the Owner/Obligee at the end of the day. Here at National Escrow we take a pro-active approach in preventing payment problems. After all, putting a seatbelt on after the crash will not prevent injuries. We will work with a contractor to fully understand their budget/specific job costs at the beginning of a project, review approved pay estimates and compare to initial budget, quickly issue appropriate payments, and ultimately provide assurance that contract funds earned on a specific project are being used only for job related costs.